Squatter with excellent taste was living in Gramercy penthouse, police say

51 Irving Place

If you’re going to squat, squat big. At least, that’s what Wesley Torres is accused of doing.

According to police, the 21-year-old man moved into the penthouse apartment at 51 – 53 Irving Place in Gramercy, and then allegedly robbed several apartments in the building.

“For a few days I lived inside the penthouse apartment,” he told a detective, according to DNA Info. He said the penthouse was under renovation while he was living there.

While there are no penthouse apartments currently listed at 51-53 Irving Place, a two-bedroom unit is currently asking $6,795-a-month.

Torres is accused of robbing units in the building during the week he spent there from February 21-28. He told police he gained access to the apartments by checking to see which doors were unlocked, and then going in and taking credit cards, laptops and cash.

A grand jury has indicted him on felony burglary charges, and he is due back in court on April 5th. [DNA Info]

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