Mar-a-Lago is a security nightmare, intelligence experts say

The Winter White House, as Mar-a-Lago is now dubbed, could be the ideal vacation spot… for spies!

Although Donald Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Florida, has seriously beefed up security since the inauguration, the number of guests who can enter the club without a background check is a major vulnerability, reports Politico.

Trump’s penchant for weekend visits are problematic too, and give ample opportunity for untoward eavesdropping. “Hostile intelligence services would love to plant bugs in a place like this,” John McLaughlin, a former acting CIA director, told Politico.

At the White House security, is of course, tight. Agents scan every visitor’s full name, birth date, Social Security number, city of residence and country of birth before they’re let in the door. But at Mar-a-Lago — although guests must reportedly go through security checkpoints staffed by the Secret Service — visitors need only produce a photo ID.