“Hamilton” goers disappointed CIA director wasn’t Madonna

Obama greats the cast of Hamilton (photo credit: Pete Souza, Chief Official White House Photographer via Wikipedia)
Mike Pompeo via Wiki Commons

Celebrities love “Hamilton,” and the show’s audience loves celebrities. For some half the fun of going is spying on the a-listers in the audience. But when politicos show up the largely liberal crowd can turn sour.

Recall last year when Vice President Mike Pence attend the show. The cast took the opportunity to address the then-candidate, causing President Donald Trump to lash out on twitter against the “rude” cast.

Now imagine if you were expecting to catch sight of a major star, but instead the director of the CIA walked in. That’s exactly what happened at a recent show, and, according to the New York Post, it had a somewhat chilling affect on the audience.

At Sunday’s show, rumors began circulating that a “celebrity guest” would soon be arriving.

“There was a ton of security at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, so people were waiting to see who this VIP was,” an audience member told the Post. “The line was convinced it was Madonna.”

But Madonna it was not. The “celebrity” guest was in fact newly appointed CIA Director Mike Pompeo. It was quite a let down. But lucky for Pompeo, the cast didn’t bother calling him out. [NYP] 


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