Lost Goya etchings discovered in French castle

A lost set of Francisco de Goya’s bullfighting etchings were just discovered in a castle in the north of France.

The rare etchings titled “La Tauromaquia” were found by chance at the the Château de Montigny, in Eure-et-Loir, according to Artnet News. Unfortunately, sources are a little light on how exactly they were found, but we are imagining something fairly Indian Jones.

Either way, the owners are wasting no time in bringing their new found booty to market. The lot of 33 etching will hit the auction block on April 4 at Sotheby’s London. The auction house has provided an estimate of between £300,000-500,000 ($366,000-$610,000). In 2013, Goya’s “La Tauromaquia” sold at Christie’s New York for $1.9 million, so they may go for considerably more.

“With La Tauromaquia currently holding the auction record for a series of prints by Goya, we’re expecting an enthusiastic response from collectors,” Séverine Nackers, head of prints at Sotheby’s Europe, said in a statement. [Artnet News]