Man proposes to girlfriend with meteorite instead of diamond ring

For every girl out there hoping to snag a giant rock from your fiancé — be careful what you wish for.

One man in China decided that rather than propose to his girlfriend of four years with a normal, diamond ring, he would instead buy her a 33-ton meteorite. It’s a rock so big, we don’t even think Elizabeth Taylor would wear it (though we have no doubt she would try).

According to the Daily Mail, the man had taken his lady love to see the rock on a vacation. He asked her if she liked it, she said yes, and so he logically took the next step and bought it for her. And it wasn’t cheap. The rock reportedly cost one million yuan (about $145,000), which is pricier than most regular engagement rings.

As unorthodox as the move was, it does seem to have paid off for the man; his girlfriend said yes to the proposal, telling reporters: “This way was very romantic. I have never seen such a large stone in my life.” We guess size really does matter. [DM]