President Donald Trump’s trust re-lists penthouse at Trump Park Avenue for $35M

A penthouse at Trump Park Avenue owned by the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, of which the president is the exclusive beneficiary, just hit the market asking $35 million, according to Streeteasy.

Trump transferred the unit, located at 502 Park Avenue, to the trust in January, but he has been trying to sell the unit for quite a while. He first listed it in 2008 for $45 million, then raised the ask to $51 million after a renovation, before dropping it back down to $31 million. He brought it back to the market in 2013 for $45 million, but ultimately took down the listing in March 2016, when it was asking $35 million.

The 6,278-square-foot spread has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also features a private elevator, private terraces, panoramic views of the city, 22 arched windows, a library and a den. Nitza Zinbarg of Trump International Realty has the listing.

Trump’s trust recently sold another penthouse unit in the building to a Chinese businesswoman for $15.89 million. Ivanka Trump listed a smaller unit in the building for $4 million in December.

The trustees of the Donald Trump Revocable Trust are Donald Trump Jr. and Allen Weisselberg, the CEO of the Trump Organization, but the president retains the right to dissolve the trust at will.

  • John Golden

    Looks like the perfect place for a Russian oligarch.

    • Dre_loves_Trump

      Or one of Hillary’s wealthy supporters…list too long to publish here.

      • coolobserver

        At least Hillary’s wealthy supporters done grab p**sy and rape the country the way the orange orangutan and his scum do.

        • Dre_loves_Trump

          You obviously haven’t been to Saudi Arabia, have you Sherlock???

          • coolobserver

            No and don’t intend to, but are you now trying to make out Saudi Arabia was pulling the illegal and corrupt and election shenanigans the Russians were doing for the Republican campaign and Vladimir’s president ? I don’t think so, more Fake News like Obama wiretapping the Orange Orangutan!

          • getreal

            Where’s your proof dumbo?

  • coolobserver

    Vladimir’s president, not Americas!

    • taliaz

      That’s before of after the Uranium that your dear “honest” Hillary Clinton gave Putin? As to name calling, feel free to “adopt” any names from the ones that you just suggested to yourself, and don’t forget to test the word “hypocrite”, that might work for you too.

      • coolobserver

        Obviously one more brainwashed and ignorant fool who will believe anything she reads or imagines of the Fake news variety. I think the only Uranium here is in your brain! Really, who even cares about such idiots anymore? They’ll get what they deserve. We just have to stop them from stealing everything.

        • taliaz

          Oh, really, look at the “smart” one talking, doesn’t even know the rules for winning an election in the US. And, that has nothing to do with believing, THESE ARE FACTS!!!! I hope you do know the meaning of this word.

  • coolobserver

    The question is do you have to be blind, deaf and dumb (and illogical) to love, or even to believe the idiot in the White House or just really ignorant, brainwashed, bigoted, phobic, greedy and psychotic, or does it take all of the above?

  • nancy

    pos broke? and the up and down pricing, not to smart…and hes in real estate? ah