The richest people in the world may soon all be floating on this giant yacht

Rich people’s favorite things to do are hear themselves talk, and party. And so one concierge company, Quintessentially, is combining both of those interests with a new member’s-only yacht that the founder promises will be “an offshore Davos.”

The yacht, called the Quintessentially One, will be among the largest yachts in the world (it is surpassed only by the $1 billion yacht, Azzam, which is owned by Emirati royalty and comes with a missile defense system and a personal submarine). Members will pay $18,000-a-year to spend two nights a year on the boat for choice events, plus an additional $2,000-a-night for more nights. That’s in addition to the $3 million down payment.

And in case you’re wondering where this yacht will go, the founders have a very clear route in mind: “We’re going to where the party is at and where people want to mingle.”

Of course, the people aren’t just there to party; the founders have intellectual aspirations for this boat as well, and are looking for members who are not only supremely wealthy, but also interesting in some way.

“We want to engage with the world’s premium audience in terms of wealth but also the people who make [the world] exciting.”

Sure sounds like a party boat to us!