Chicago’s Alinea to open cocktail bar in TWC

If you’ve ever dreamed of a New York City outpost of famed Chicago restaurant Alinea, you’re in for a treat. The Alinea Group is opening a cocktail bar, dubbed The Aviary, on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental this summer. Watch the trailer (apparently restaurants have trailers now) below:

Co-owner Nick Kokonas and Chef Grant Achatz have been planning this new addition for over three years. Kokonas told the Chicago Tribune, “It’s very challenging to redesign such a space and, further, to do the construction while the hotel continues to operate.”

The Aviary will also have a speakeasy within its bar, called The Office, which can only be accessed with a key.

Grant Achatz’s cuisine expertise and award-winning cocktails, combined with the stunning concrete jungle views from the Mandarin Oriental, are sure to be irresistible for craft cocktail lovers. [Gothamist]