Meet NYC’s top absinthe maker

Absinthe was illegal in the U.S. from 1912 until 2007. But now American absinthe is finally getting into its groove. Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits is the first and only place in the city to legally make and sell absinthe, according to Untapped Cities.

Located inside the Pfizer Building, the business started in 2012 when husband-and-wife team Kevin Herson and wife Stacey Luckow decided market their recipes. Now, they distribute up to 500 bottles a month to nationwide liquor stores, restaurants and bars.

Harson told Untapped Cities, “We were making whisky, moonshine, and then we said, let’s make absinthe—we enjoy absinthe. All of our friends loved it.”

The once abandoned building still contains available space and is partially under construction, but more small businesses are moving in. As of 2017, the Pfizer building houses 100 businesses, selling everything from ice cream to pickles.

If only Vincent van Gogh and Oscar Wilde were still alive to visit this one-of-a-kind distillery. [Untapped Cities]