This muzzle lets you talk on the phone without being overheard

Worried people are eavesdropping on your personal telephone calls?

Well one company has a really, really weird solution. Hushme has created a prototype of muzzle you can wear over your face that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to to talk without being overheard. Unfortunately, the thing looks so stupid, we suspect that if you wear it, there won’t be many people actually calling you anymore.

It works by playing a series of sounds during your phone call that drown out your voice. The noises you can choose include wind, ocean, rain, birds, monkey, squirrel, R2D2, Minion and Darth Vader.

The Hushme isn’t available yet, but the company is planning to crowdfund in May, and hopes to start producing these things by the end of the year. They are estimated to cost around $200.

Perhaps Trump and his team should buy a couple to wear at the Mar a Lago the next time they decide to have a national security meeting out in the open. [Engadget]