Katy Perry won her lawsuit against the nuns (and she liked it)

Katy Perry and not the nuns in question (credit: marcen27 via Wikimedia and YouTube)

Pop star Katy Perry has once again bested a group of elderly nuns after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge sided with her in her quest to buy a former Catholic convent in Los Feliz, California, reports LAist.

The argument stemmed over who has the legal right to sell the Spanish villa-style estate. Perry has been attempting to buy the property for $14.5 million and had the approval of local archbishop Jose Gomez. However the nuns – who are not big Katy Perry fans – instead opted to sell to developer Dana Hollister, who planned to turn the site into a boutique hotel.

This is the second time that a court has ruled in Perry’s favor. In April 2016, a judge ruled that the nuns’ attempts to sell to Hollister were out of line, but that decision was overturned by an appeals court. This time round, the nuns accused Perry of witchcraft, reports The Daily Mail.

Following this latest ruling Perry should finally be able to purchase the property she’s been battling for two years to buy. [LAist]

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