In the most perfect rich people story ever, Vanessa Hudgens vomits up truffles at SoulCycle

Last night on “The Late Late Show With James Corden,” Vanessa Hudgens shared what very well may be the perfect warning tale about what happens when you combine expensive foods with expensive exercise.

An avid SoulCycle-enthusiast, Hudgens claims she went to a morning class after a “big ol’ truffle dinner” with her sister. She was cycling a leeetle too vigorously, however, and pretty soon found that the truffles were making their way back up.

“They’re really good going down, not so good coming up,” Hudgens put it neatly. Isn’t everything?

We have to agree with Hudgens fellow guest, Thomas Sadoski, who noted, “I can’t think of anything more sort of Hollywood royalty than ‘I puked up truffles while I was sitting at the podium of SoulCycle.'”

We pray to god she was also wearing Lululemon.