Ivana Trump is publishing a book about her mothering skills

In case you haven’t reached Trump overload yet, a new book due out September 12th by Ivana Trump may push you over edge. “Raising Trump””reflects on her extraordinary life and the raising of her three children—Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka—and recounts the lessons she taught her children as they were growing up.”

“Children have been thrust into the spotlight, but it is Ivana who raised them and proudly instilled in them what she believes to be the most important life lessons: loyalty, honesty, integrity, and drive,” a statement released by the book’s publishing company, Gallery Prints, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, to Vanity Fair explains.

In addition, the memoir will reflect on Ivana’s “childhood in communist Czechoslovakia, her escape from the regime and relocation to New York, her whirlwind romance, and her great success as a businesswoman.”

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Those looking for anything political should look elsewhere. The publishing company makes it clear the book will be strictly non-partisan. And those hoping for juicy gossip will be most likely be sorely disappointed because as the Guardian points out, the Donald’s first ex was made to sign an NDA during her divorce proceedings prohibiting her from discussing the inner workings of their relationship.

In fact, although it is her first attempt at non-fiction, it is not Ivana’s first foray into book writing. In 1992, Trump published the novel “For Love Alone”, a fictional romance, and in 1993, its sequel “Free to Love”. As a result, Donald sued Ivana for $25m in 1992, claiming the novel violated the aforementioned NDA. [VF]