A woman has been spitting on Upper East Siders for the last 5 years

The ancient Stoic Diogenes is said to have spat in the face of a rich man during dinner, because he needed to spit and “I saw nothing so dirty and filthy in all your house.” Very philosophical. Now it looks like the Upper East Side has a philosopher of its own! Or at least someone who likes to spit on rich people.

Locals on the tony Upper East Side are complaining of a deranged woman, possibly named Susan, who has been spitting on passersby for the last five years.

“Susan” is known by UES residents as “The Spitting Lady of 77th Street,’’ according to the New York Post.

“She spits and attacks children walking down the street. Her victims are random: could be a baby in a stroller or an old man — it doesn’t matter, she’ll just spit and
yell,’’ an anonymous source told the Post.

In typical UES fashion, locals have used their connection to try and resolve the problem but to no avail.

“We’ve called the NYPD countless times and were told it’s out of their hands. Even [Mayor] de Blasio won’t help do anything about it,” the source said.  “My son literally cannot walk in specific areas of the neighborhood because he’s terrified of her. Every time we run into her she spits at us. One hundred percent chance she’ll do it. I can’t believe I have to take a cab like three blocks down the street to avoid her.”


Susan Marra, a longtime local added, “I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost 10 years and this woman has done nothing but give it a bad name. She curses, spits and harasses the people just trying to get by. I’ve notified the police numerous times — and they never showed up.’’

Somebody needs to talk to this woman and find out her views on living barrels or the supposed mightiness of Alexander the Great.  [NYP]