Rich people are laying out big bucks to dress their kids in designer duds

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Thanks to stylish celebrity tots like North West and Blue Ivy, it’s no longer enough to dress yourself in designer duds — your kids better be decked out in Prada and Versace too.

“The rise of social media, particularly Instagram, has seen parents become a lot more conscious about what their children wear, as are the kids themselves,” a spokesperson for the children’s brand alexandalexa told the Guardian.

Brands seem to be paying attention; the site, which sells items like a Gucci baby boy suit for $815 and a Moncler down parka for $395, claims they had a 51 percent jump in revenue in 2015. Net-a-Porter has registered the domain Petit-a-Porte, while FarFetch launched a children’s site last year.

Apparently, this whole trend started with Suri Cruise, who was constantly being photographed in trendy outfits. And it’s gotten worse with Blue Ivy and North West, who are both launching their own lines (their parents are involved too).

Unlike copying a dress Katie Holmes or Kim Kardashian wore, however, copying Suri is a pretty pricey endeavor; children, after all, grow up. And as adorable as that $485 sequined Fendi dress will look on your daughter, in a few years, she will no longer be able to wear it. [Guardian]