Another day, another “world’s most expensive whisky”

Dalmore seems determined to get he best of Macallan. Macallan is preparing to auction a collection of six whiskies aged between 50 and 65 years for approximately $500,000. That sounds like a lot for a wee dram, and it certainly is — collectable Lalique bottles be damned.

But Dalmore is trying to up the ante and “out luxury” Macallan with its even pricer Paterson Collection. The collection is 12 bottles that can be bought directly from the distillery for $1.2 million.

So what justifies this frank unjustifiable price? First, age: the bottles are filled with whisky dating back as far as 1926. Then there is packaging: they come in custom crystal decanters by Glencairn and silver engraved by Hamilton & Inches. Of course, it come is a custom wooden cabinet made by Gavin Robertson. Finally, it’s the story: the collection comes with a 200-page ledger filled with Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson’s tasting notes and thoughts on the whisky. Each page foiled in silver and the book is bound in calfskin leather.

This definitely sounds like the ultimate whisky connoisseur’s collector item. Still, some of us would prefer to drink our whisky, than talk about it.