This Swedish hotel suite comes stocked with couture in the closet and Cristal in the minibar

If there was a way to capture all of our dreams and turn them into a hotel room, it would probably look a lot like this. The Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg, Sweden, has just debuted a new room — called the Suite Belle — that comes fully stocked with a girl’s favorite things.

Rather than the standard mini-bar filled with stale Twix and Perrier, this room’s mini-bar has nearly 50 bottles Cristal, along with foie gras, Finnish Carelian Caviar, house-made sausages, truffle crisps and Valrhona chocolate. There’s also an in-room bar service where one of the hotel’s bartenders will come in and mix you a drink.

And that’s not all; in addition to the snacks, the room also comes with a closet filled with designer clothes you can wear during your stay!  The hotel teamed up with a local luxury department store to bring you a mix of clothes from brands like Céline and Dior, and shoes from Christian Louboutin (you give your size before you check in so the hotel can order you clothes that fit). After your stay, you can purchase any items you want.

The cost of this extravagance? $450 to $750 per night, which is actually kind of reasonable considering the average price of a standard, non-Louboutin-shoe-filled hotel room hotel room in New York City is $266-a-night.