Men are now flocking to competitive cycling classes

Even though many consider Soul Cycle to be a chick activity, it turns out that men are super into spin as well.

According to a recent study done by ClassPass, cycling classes are the second most popular activity with men after weight training.

So where can bros head to ditch the figurative training wheels? Many are flocking to competitive classes like those offered at Swerve. Hombres outnumber the women at Jared Stein’s Flywheel class. According to the Observer’s Margaret Abrams, Stein’s “high-energy attitude is a bit reminiscent of a frat brother at a rave, with fist pumping that wouldn’t be out of place on Jersey Shore and pop punk that turns into EDM halfway through.”

Others congregate in droves at Cyc, a spinning studio that switches things up by adding in moves from boxing, rowing and volleyball. Particularly focused on weight loss, the class was created by Keoni Hudoba, whose own dramatic 100-pound weight loss may very well be an added inspiration. Hudoba’s method incorporates lifting sandbags and lots of red lights.

Sadly, we guess this means that sales of male bike shorts — never a good look — will be on the rise as well. [Observer]