For $7M, you can buy this Texas zoo (yes, the animals are included)

Bayou Wildlife Zoo (credit:

While New Yorkers are busy trying to find pet friendly apartments, one Texas man has the opposite problem. He’s is trying to find the ultimate pet friendly buyer… for his $7 million zoo.

Clint Wolston reportedly spent 30 years building the Bayou Wildlife Zoo outside Alvin, Texas. The 80-acre zoo is home to 500 animals, employs 10 people and hosts roughly 90,000 visitors a year. But according to, Wolston is ready to retire and he wants the next buyer to keep the animals safe, and to continue operating the zoo.

A buyer will acquire all 500 animals (which include giraffes, zebras, a white rhino, ostriches, alligators, kangaroos, and ring-tailed lemurs). Plus a 10,800-square-foot main building, which includes its own apartment, a covered picnic area for 400 people, 16 barns, a souvenir shop, a fleet of Jeeps, and seven trams. There’s also two miles of trails, 15 lakes and ponds, native trees, and 3,500 feet of waterfront on Dickinson Bayou.

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