Kevin Costner lists two-bedroom home in California for $60M

Kevin Costner and the ocean front property at 2825 Padaro Lane (Image credits: Bill Ingalls via Wiki Commons and Coldwell Bankers)

Well this may be the most expensive two-bedroom house we’ve ever heard of!

“Hidden Figures” star Kevin Costner has just listed a tiny house he owns in Montecito, California for $60 million, according to People. Of course, the tiny house is not really what you’re buying; rather, it’s the 10 acres of land that come with it.

Coldwell Bankers

According to the listing, with Coldwell Bankers, the home comes with 500 feet of ocean frontage (with beach access) and “breathtaking 360 degree views of the majestic Pacific, nearby Islands and tranquil Santa Barbara mountains.” The spot is secluded (though not private), and perfect for riding a good wave and staring off into the sunset.

As for the little house that is on the property, it was built around 1942 and comes in at around 1,000 square feet, with two bedrooms and one full bathroom.

Ellen DeGeneres recently listed a home she owns in Montecito for $45 million, though hers is slightly larger.

Coldwell Bankers
Coldwell Bankers


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