Around the world in 80 Properties: An ornate $79M mansion in Moscow fit for a czar

Given all the talk of Russia in the news lately, we thought it might be worthwhile to check out what the real estate scene is like in the country’s capital city of Moscow. We sure weren’t disappointed when we found this ornate mansion, which is currently on the market for a little more than $79 million.

A little more than 16,000 square feet, the mansion was built in 1842 and has nine bedrooms and six bathrooms. It is located on Ostozhenka Street, one of the most expensive areas of the city frequently nicknamed the “Golden Mile.” Because of its historic nature, the home retains a large garden, which the listing (with Sotheby’s International) notes is a rarity for the city. Other features in the home include a library, private elevator, and marble flooring.

We also spy amazing details like a stained glass ceiling, a glass-enclosed side porch, arched brick ceilings, a sauna and a tiled bathroom. Sadly, the home does not appear to be furnished. But we’re pretty sure whatever oligarch eventually buys this property will deck it out with appropriately lavish pieces.