Luxury car manufacturer Bugatti releases $40K bicycle

Bugatti, the French car manufacturer behind the world’s fastest — and very expensive — car, has just released the world’s lightest — and very expensive — bike.

Made of 95 percent reinforced carbon, the PG Bugatti bike, weighs just 11 pounds. It’s price tag though, weighs in at an impressive $39,000.

The bicycle is the product of the combined efforts of Bugatti and the elite bike company PG, and only 667 models will be released worldwide. The bikes will come in a range of colors, and according to the company’s website, upon request, customers can have their bicycles matched to their own Bugattis.

However, you shouldn’t get too excited about commuting to work on these wheels. “The special bike is a piece of sports equipment, which is not intended to be used on public roads,” reads the website.

Earlier this year a bike dubbed the Stromer ST2 S e-bike, reportedly inspired by Tesla, hit the market for $10,000.

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