The new Four Seasons restaurant won’t be named “The Landmark Rooms” after all

When we first heard that Major Food Group’s new restaurant in the former Four Season space was going to be called “The Landmark Rooms” we had a hunch that its similarity to Marc Murphy’s “Landmarc” restaurant might be a bit of a problem.

Lo and behold, we were right and Murphy filed a trademark suit against Major Food Group earlier this month, claiming that “when pronounced, the words Landmark and Landmarc are phonetically identical.”

Now, Eater reports, the two sides have reached an agreement where Major Food Group will no longer call the restaurant the Landmark Rooms at all. Instead, the space will be divided into two separate restaurants, The Grill and The Pool, and there won’t be any name to unite the space.

Of course, we aren’t entirely convinced that the space will ever be called anything other than “The old Four Seasons Restaurant.” But only time will tell. [Eater]