This is the most luxurious trip yet to the increasingly popular South Pole

Those into traveling to uncharted territory have a new item to add to their bucket list. Come November intrepid adventurers can embark on the ultimate road trip — to the South Pole. The two week journey, which is being offered by the Explorations Company, and includes an opportunity to scale Antarctica’s highest mountain, Mt. Vinson, cross-country ski across the tundra and chill (quite literally) at the point on the Earth where all 24 time zones meet and time loses all conventional meaning. Talk about trippy!

What’s even trippier is the price — a whopping $165,000 per person (only six people per each of two trips are permitted to travel).

However, bragging rights of doing something only 24 other people have done previously are priceless, as is the opportunity to try to break the world record for the fastest Antarctic crossing. The possibility for frostbite is gratis.

“These sorts of things just don’t get done, and that’s what makes it so special,” said Nicola Shepherd, owner and director of Explorations Company.

Special for sure, but don’t expect the trek to be easy. The trip is quite physically demanding and participants are expected to lose much weight. The weather is brutal (think: minus 50 degrees) and the 1,150 mile journey is long. There’s not even running water.

“Wind is the most detrimental factor,” said Shepherd. “Visibility can be zero on certain days. You can get snowed in. You’d have to stay in camp those days, play cards, and wait for the first clearing.”

But travelers will be supplied with as many creature comforts as possible, including the most comfortable way to cross the Strait of Magellon — via a Russian Ilyushin-76 jet. Arctic Trucks, a company that has organized trips for Top Gear and British royalty, provides specialized outerwear, a chef, and even rather civilized champagne toasts.

Still, this is not a luxury trip for the faint of heart, Shepherd warns Bloomberg,  “As much as this is sold as a tourist trip, it’s not a jolly old holiday—it’s an expedition.” [Bloomberg]