This New Yorker is obsessed with Donald Trump’s weird pouty mouth

We’ve all seen and heard a lot of strange things living in New York City. And hell, we all have our kinks. But one West Sider has an especially peculiar and perhaps disturbing turn-on that she’s just made public: she’s “always found Donald Trump’s mouth sexually alluring.”

Jaci Stephen, a journalist who divides her time between the UK and NYC, recently went public with her cringe-inducing obsession in the West Side neighborhood publication W42ST. In an article entitled “The Oval Orifice” (dear god!), Stephen writes:

“I’ve been whispering it in dark corners for months now, fearful of people interpreting that I might wish to engage with it in the Biblical sense, but it’s out there now. I’m a Donaholic in the oral department.”

At his point you probably assume that Stephen is a supporter of President Trump’s political stances, and has simple become a bit confused. But, not so.

“This in no way means I condone his political views, but I’ve been interested in hearing people in Britain, as well as in the US – both countries in which I spend a lot of time – taking the “he’s only saying what we’re all thinking” line. At which I become involved in very heated discussions that involve low-flying beer,” Stephen writes.

Stephen goes on to explain that she has “always had a curious obsession with mouths” that she knows “where I want them to go and, more to the point, fear where they may have already been.”

And because of that obsession, she has made a study of important mouths. She doesn’t like Hitler’s mouth because it’s too severe: like “he has just come in from the field after biting the heads off gerbils.” She think Bill Clinton has a pretty good pucker. But in the end it is the Donald that makes her swoon.

“I don’t like too thin, too thick, too wet, too dry – but I’ve always been a big fan of Donald’s.”

At moments like this we’re inclined to mutter cliches about how it takes all kinds to make a world. But there are somethings in life that make you pause, stand up, sit down again, and ponder what you really know about anything. [W42ST]