Get the shuck outta here! Real oyster lovers skip the city

You get the best and freshest oysters money can buy in top Manhattan restaurant’s like Le Bernardin or 11 Madison Park. But real devotees cut out the middle man and go straight to the source: Greeport, Long Island.

Mike Osinski, the owner of Widow’s Hole Oyster Company on the North Fork of Long Island, supplies the city’s top restaurants with fresh, raw oysters. But for those true molluscs masticators, Osinski offers tours and tastings of oyster pulled straight from the sea, according to the New York Times.

Osinski made is money on Wall Street and decided to reinvent himself as an oyster farmer. Since then, his oysters have become some of the most prized in the city. Guest who visit his farm are encouraged to byob sit around the outdoor fire pit.

But bivalve believers should skip the warmer months of July and August, when bacteria blooms and the oysters spawn.

“In July, it’s just an orgy out there,” Osinski said. [NYT]