Bourdain’s food hall faces yet another setback

Anthony Bourdain Food Hall
Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain’s highly anticipate and long delayed food hall, which is supposedly coming to Pier 57, has just suffered another setback. Bourdain’s primary partner in the Bourdain Market has formally left management of the project, according to Eater.

Stephen Werther
Stephen Werther

Stephen Werther stepped down as CEO to pursue another project, he told Eater. Werther had been fundamental in the development of Bourdain’s massive food hall since the idea was born back in 2014.

The project has faced several delays and is currently scheduled to debut in 2019. But Bourdain has yet to sign a lease, according to Eater, and developers YoungWoo & Associates and RXR Realty are in talks with back up tenants.

Werther’s new venture will promote Asian food culture abroad, and would present a conflict of interest with Bourdain’s market. Specifically, the new business will work with Chinese food-related businesses and bring them to markets outside of Asia.

“I’m definitely more interested in traveling and eating at this point in my life than I am in plumbing and ventilation,” Werther said in a statement. [Eater]

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