A Russian booze mogul just bought Scotland’s most expensive sporting estate

The Tulchan Estate on Speyside (Image Credit : Savills)

The Tulchan Estate on Speyside, otherwise known as Scotland’s most expensive sporting estate, may soon start serving up vodka instead of Scotch.

The 21,000-acre estate has just been bought by a Russian billionaire Yuri Schefler, reports The Telegraph. Schefler owns SPI Group, which produces and sells alcohol under 380 brands in 160 countries.

The estate — which hit the market last summer for £25 million (roughly $31 million) — lies on the edge of the Cairngorm National Park in the Scottish Highlands. It comes with a whole host of accommodation options, from a cosy two-bedroom holiday cottage to Tulchan Lodge, an Edwardian shooting lodge that sleeps 26 and has, in the past, hosted politicians, princes and kings.

“The company has been bought by a company for the principal benefit of Mr Yuri Schefler of Russia, who is well known to the estate having been a regular visitor in the past,” a spokesman for Savills told The Telegraph. “It is understood that the new owner of TSEL will continue to operate the estate as a business.”

[The Telegraph]

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