You can shop Betsy Bloomingdale’s personal closet this week

This has to be the best Bloomingdale’s sale of all time.

This week, Christie’s Auction house will be offering up a selection of personal items owned by the late Betsy Bloomingdale, the socialite and wife to the department store heir, Alfred Bloomingdale. This is the second sale of Bloomingdales’ items the auction house is doing; at its first sale in December, her Harry Winston diamond ring sold for over $1.9 million.

This sale has an online component that runs through April 6, and a live auction that will take place on April 5. Many of the items up for grabs come from her Hollywood Regency villa in Los Angeles, which was designed by the celebrated William Haines. Bloomingdale, who died in July 2016, hosted a number of fabulous dinner parties at the house, which attracted guests like Ronald and Nancy Reagan (whose estate went up for auction in September).

Unsurprisingly, Bloomingdale was very, very into fashion, and the auction includes sales of her glorious 80’s clothes, like an Oscar de la Renta silk gown with giant puffy sleeves (current bid: $300), or an orange silk Christian Dior Couture gown with a grand skirt (current bid: $200).

While those prices are surprisingly affordable, the sale also has some more expensive offerings, like a pair of ruby and diamond earrings (current bid: $24,000) and vegetable jewels by the designer Katherine Houston (current bid: $2,600).