Trump appointee is one of the moneymen behind the new Four Seasons restaurant

Reed Cordish and Aby Rosen
Reed Cordish and Aby Rosen (via Cordish Companies and Twitter)

Ever since Seagram building landlord Aby Rosen closed the legendary Four Seasons restaurant, foodies and power lunchers alike have been eagerly trading gossip. But now, diners of a political persuasion will really have something to chew on — one of Rosen’s partners in the deal is Trump appointee Reed Cordish.

Reed is the son of David Cordish, the CEO of the Baltimore-based Cordish Companies, which primarily develops casinos, hotels and shopping centers.

Reed, a former partner at the Cordish Companies, is also a Trump White House appointee. In January, President Donald Trump named Reed Cordish as his assistant for intragovernmental and technology initiatives in the White House.

Cordish’s family has long been connected to the Trumps, according to the Baltimore Sun. Reed Cordish even contributed $250,000 to the Trump Victory committee in June 2016 — although Federal Election Commission records show he gave to both parties.

The new restaurant partnership makes for interesting bedfellows, as Rosen waged a social media and billboard war against Trump running up to the election.

Back in August, Major Food Group and Rosen launched a restaurant venture, dubbed 375 Park Food LLC, for the old Four Seasons space and began luring investors with the promise of annual revenues reaching $65 million, sources told the New York Post. Now, a public financial disclosure report has revealed that Cordish is one of those investors.

The report describes Cordish’s investment with 375 Park LLC as a “minority interest in [a] restaurant in New York, NY.” It values the investment at the yet unopened restaurant at $100,000-$250,000.

Since Rosen refused to renew the Four Season’s lease, a whirlwind of gossip has circulated around the project. First the outrage focused on the potential blasphemies Rosen planned to perpetrate on the Philip Johnson-designed dining rooms. People started jumping in the pool in protest. Then the furniture and decor were auctioned off and the staff got sacked. Next, people started talking about the cool and causal atmosphere the new restauranteurs at Major Food Group planned to create in the upscale space. And most recently, the name of the restaurant launched a lawsuit.

But while New Yorkers in general are no fan of Trump, it seems unlikely that an investment from a major Trump supporter will dampen the nervous excitement building up around the new restaurant. It seems no matter what happens, people just can’t wait to get back into that pool room.

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  • Niko

    Everyday the Real Deal does what it can to lose credibility. The election is over and Hilary lost, Barry is no longer in office, time to move on!