Melania unveils her official portrait and Twitter reacts

Melania Trump may be keeping us all in suspense on whether she and Baron will ever move down to D.C., but today she did satisfy the country’s curiosity about another matter: what her official portrait would look like.

Given that Melania is a former fashion model (a fact that is detailed at length in her White House biography), our expectations for the portrait were high. And no question, Melania pulled out her A-game for this pic, flashing her best blue steel impression and dazzling us all with her shiny, voluminous hair.

It’s not all good, though; as everyone on the Internet pointed out, the background of the portrait is so obviously photoshopped and airbrushed into oblivion that we can’t tell if Melania is standing in the White House or in front of a green screen. What is clear is that Donald spared no expense on her jewelry; we frankly can’t believe Melania is ever able to lift her hand given the size of the rock that is living on it.

Obviously, Twitter had some other feelings about the portrait as well. We’ve collected our favorites below.

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