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Ivanka and Jared got a great deal on their $15K-a-month home in D.C.

When we first reported that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were moving into a giant home in the fancy Kalorama neighborhood of D.C. back in January, we weren’t sure whether the couple had bought the house or were simply renting it. Later on, it came out that they were renting and that the owner of their home was none-other than the Chilean magnate, Andrónico Luksic. Now, thanks to the sleuths at the Wall Street Journal, we now know that the power couple is in paying Luksic $15,000-a-month in rent.

Luksic is currently involved in a billion-dollar dispute with the federal government over a proposed mine he wants to build in Minnesota. Both he and the White House denied that this real estate deal had anything to do with the mine.

Luksic paid $5.5 million for the home right after the November election, and according to real estate experts the Journal consulted he is not getting his money’s worth by renting it to Ivanka and Jared. “That’s a terrible investment” for the owner, said one D.C. investor, adding that the couple is “getting use of a $5.5 million home for far less than it normally costs to have a home of that value.”

Of course, as documents released on Friday night show, Trump and Kushner are worth somewhere between $240 million to $700 million, so they don’t exactly need a bargain on their rent. Now if only they’ll spread their good fortune to their neighbors