Contractors are pitching luxury additions to Trump’s wall

The deadline for contractor to place their bids to build the wildly contentious 2000-mile stretch of border wall with Mexico has just passed. And some of the proposals are pretty wild, according to the New York Post.

US Customs and Border Protection declined to identify bidders or say how many there were, but we do know that some are rather creative. One bidder suggested building a wall with a deck that would “offer tourists scenic views of the desert.” At that rate, why not throw in an infinity pool and bar?

Another, Concrete Contractors Interstate, proposed a polished concrete wall decorated with stones and artifacts.

Designs must reportedly be able to repel pickaxes and sledgehammers for “at least an hour,” be “aesthetically pleasing from the north side,” and digging tunnels beneath the wall must be impossible.

Perhaps they should channel the bathroom of a luxury New York City condo and cover the thing in marble! And why not a little gold leaf, à la Trump?