Hearsts, Brooke Shields raise a glass for Hearst Castle: PHOTOS

Patricia Hearst Shaw, Brooke Shields, Anne Hearst McInerney

Yesterday, friends gathered at the Verdura’s Fifth Avenue gallery for a cocktail party to kick-off the annual Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation benefit weekend.

Every fall, guests gather at Hearst Castle in San Simeon — the famous mansion built by publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst — to raise funds for the property’s upkeep.

Verdura’s chairman Ward Landrigan and president Nico Landrigan raised a glass for their guests last night, including Patricia Hearst Shaw, Anne Hearst McInerney with her husband author Jay McInerney, Brooke Shields, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, board member George Farias, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Jay and Tracy Snyder, Alex Papachristidis, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Sharon Handler Loeb and author/illustrator Cathy Graham.

The primary mission of the HCPF is to help preserve and restore Hearst Castle’s twenty-five thousand artifacts, from French and Italian furniture and Renaissance tapestries, to Persian carpets and Roman mosaics.


Beth Rudin DeWoody, Ward Landrigan, Liliana Cavendish
Ellen Coleman, Cathy Graham, Jeanne Lawrence
Gary Fisketjon, Kathy Graham
Harry Slatkin, Laura Slatkin
Jamie Figg, Sylvia Mazzola, Patricia Hearst Shaw, George Farias
Jay McInerney, Bettina Zilkha, Richard Mishaan, Marcia Mishaan, George Farias
Jonathan Farkas, Somers Farkas
Judy Gordon Cox, Muffie Potter Aston, Patricia Hearst Shaw, Ward Landrigan, Brooke Shields, Anne Hearst McInerney, Alison Mazzola
Patricia Hearst Shaw, Brooke Shields, Anne Hearst McInerney
Patrick McMullan
Stellene Volandes, Debbie Bancroft, Alison Mazzola, Caroline Dean

Nico Landrigan, Kim Landrigan, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Candace Bushnell, Jay McInerney, Anne Hearst McInerney, George Farias