Nacho Figueras’ new stables are nicer than most houses

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Professional polo player and Ralph Lauren model Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras is now the proud owner of what might be the most architecturally significant stables in the world.

“We wanted to create a place that was practical, yet as inspiring as an art museum,” Figueras told Architectural Digest. “These horses are our art collection!”

Figueras teamed up with the Argentinean architect Juan Ignacio Ramos — who also designed Figueras’ nearby home in 2004 and who is also a “Nacho” — for the 38,750-square-foot, cast concrete structure. It is now home to 44-world-class polo ponies.

The building has a sculpture like staircase, an enclosed courtyard, and a grass-covered roof on which the ponies can graze.

“Everything that we took from the earth to construct this building we put back,” Figueras said, noting that in aerial shots all that is visible is horses and greenery.

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[Architectural Digest]

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