Confused critics attack “tacky” Princess Charlotte collection of toys

A selection of royal merchandise at the Kensington Place gift store, dubbed the Princess Charlotte collection, has got people in a real tizz.

The range includes lip gloss, fridge magnets, tiaras, jewelry, feathered fans and fancy dress outfits. Bright pinks and purples are the color scheme of choice, and the items frequently depict a fictional cartoon Princess Charlotte — an adult with a purple beehive.

Confused critics are shaming the palace after assuming the cartoon is based on the one-year-old actual Princess Charlotte. But the collection has reportedly been available since 2015, prior to the Princess’ birth.

“It is entirely coincidental that one of the imaginary characters in the Palace Princesses range shares the same name,” said the palace to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile The New York Post was aghast, writing “cashing in on Kate Middleton and Prince William’s toddler daughter, the “Princess Charlotte” collection includes tacky T-shirts, fake jewelry and garish dress-up clothes more suitable for a pushcart at a street fair.” Ouch.