Airbnb transforms da Vinci’s former mansion into art gallery for Milan Design Week

Airbnb seems to be branching out and getting creative. The holiday rental platform is no longer just offering accommodations to weary travelers, but turning one of its spaces into a makeshift art gallery. The home-sharing website has furnished Leonardo da Vinci’s former mansion in Milan with designers’ objets d’art for the city’s design week.

As part of “Passeggiata: An Airbnb Experience of Milan”, visitors can participate in a truly immersive experience by wandering throughout the 15th century home “Casa degli Atellani” where da Vinci lived while painting his masterpiece, “The Last Supper.” Curated by Montine Mondadori, the property features artistic treasures like rocks and stones gathered by designer Faye Toogood that are displayed in an open, decorative wooden cabinet; new watercolor paintings by Italian architect Matteo Thun; and a cutlery collection offered by French designer Sam Baron.

There are also a series of colorful, rather phallic- shaped vases by Korean-born artist Ahryun Lee on an open shelf. And large vessels by glass maker and ceramicist Felicity Aylieff are filled with flowers that accentuate the colors in the decorative vaulted ceiling. They are on display on a table in a room that opens to a patio and garden where Airbnb will be hosting musical events.

Dezeen reports all objects will be on display through April 9th. [Dezeen]