West Village townhouse Taylor Swift rented hits the market for $25M

Taylor Swift and the home at 23 Cornelia Street (credit: GabboT via Wikipedia and Corcoran)

The West Village townhouse at 23 Cornelia Street that Taylor Swift rented while renovations were being done on her Tribeca apartment has just hit the market asking $24.5 million, per StreetEasy records.

(credit: Corcoran)

Swift was reported to have spent $39,500-a-month renting the home in June, and while that may seem like a very steep price, this house certainly seems worth it. The 5,400-foot home was originally built as a carriage house in 1912, and has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two half bathrooms. There’s also nice extras like three fireplaces, an indoor pool, an elevator, an outdoor kitchen and a private garage (which we’re sure Swift loved for escaping the paparazzi). The listing is with Deborah Grubman, Laurence Carty and Markus Buchmeier of Corcoran.

(credit: Corcoran)

The home is owned by David Aldea, who paid $5.3 million for it in 2005, and proceeded to totally renovate it, adding the pool and over 2,000 square feet of space to the house. Aldea served as the chief technology officer at Soho House until 2016.

(credit: Corcoran)
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