For $80K, this trip company will help you pretend to be Indian royalty

Most people are not royalty, but for a little more than $82,000, the luxury experience company VeryFirstTo can make you feel like you are.

The company just announced a new “never before tour of India” with a royal theme. Over the course of 17 days, you will hang out with Indian royalty in four different locales, eating their food, touring their castles and enjoying their company (we expect you can take lots of royal selfies too). The real highlight of the trip, though, comes when you get to participate in a “royal procession”: “drums and trumpets will announce your arrival at the palace and you will board elephants or sit in a horse-drawn carriage followed by horses, camels, dancers and musicians.”

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because if you add in a genie and a princess with a tiger, you do indeed have the plot of “Aladdin.”