LLNYC’s Look at Listings: New listing at 432 Park comes with small staff apartment

432 Park Avenue 65B (Compass)

From LLNYC’s Look at Listings: The trashcan-inspired skyscraper at 432 Park Avenue holds no end of multi-million-dollar spreads and will house no end of rich people. Compared to the building’s most expensive listing — the $82 million, full-floor spread that hit the market last October — this one is a comparable bargain at just $32.5 million.

Spanning 4,019 square feet, the unit comes with three bedrooms, a private elevator landing, huge windows, a library, and city and Central Park views. Plus it comes with an accompanying “service suite”, and a private wine cellar. It’s owned by the anonymous Why The Face LLC, who paid $25.6 million for it in March 2016. [more]

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