Move over Amazon, Gucci is set to offer super fast delivery

Fashion emergencies will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new partnership that will see Gucci clothing and accessories delivered to your door on demand.

Farfetch — an London-based online platform for luxury boutiques — announced its partnership with the fashion brand on Wednesday, reports Bloomberg, as part of the company’s showcase of software and devices that help luxury brands gather more information on customers in stores and online.

Customers will reportedly be able to browse from a selection of Gucci goods via Farfetch’s app and website, and have them delivered within 90 minutes from Gucci stores in 10 major cities worldwide including London, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

Gucci isn’t the first luxury item to offer an on-demand delivery service. In Los Angeles, a fleet of smart cars are set deliver botox — and a host of other injectables, from vitamin B to cortisone — on demand.

Now if only we could get Moët delivering by drone. [Bloomberg]