62-year-old Jackie Onassis once asked 33-year-old Alec Baldwin on a date

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis may have epitomized grace and class, but the former First Lady was also able to appreciate a good thing when she saw it.

Namely, a young Alec Baldwin.

According to a new autobiography by James Hart, Carly Simon’s ex-husband, the First Lady once asked him to broker a date between her and Baldwin. At the time, she was 62 and Baldwin was 33.  Hart claims she asked him: “‘Well, do you think Alec could be my date for the theatre on my birthday?’”

“I was surprised by the openness of the request, but I acted as though there was nothing unusual about it,” Hart writes in his book, “Lucky Jim.”  When Hart called Baldwin, he said he “was most shocked of all, but there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation, even though he had just met Kim Basinger.”

“I’m there,” he responded. And when Hart made sure Baldwin really wanted to go out with the older lady, he responded, “‘Are you kidding? Jackie Kennedy wants to go on a date? Of course.”

Jackie Kennedy: fashion plate, First Lady and cougar extraordinaire. [People]