Artists are planning an exorcism at that creepy, windowless Tribeca tower

At noon on Saturday, there’ll be more than brunch happening in Tribeca. A group of artists and activists will be conducting an exorcism of the windowless, concrete, 29-story skyscraper at 33 Thomas Street, reports Gothamist. Apparently, the building is full of bad juju.

It’s common knowledge that the building is home to AT&T’s massive telecommunication hub, which processes hundreds of millions of domestic and international calls. But a report last year from the Intercept suggests that part of the brutalist building is also likely an NSA surveillance site code-named TITANPOINTE. The tower, known as the “Long Lines Building,” was designed by architect Carl Warnecke and is capable of withstanding an atomic blast.

According to the organizers — the editors of The Quiet American, a “NY based self-published arts and culture newspaper” — the exorcism will include “a cadre of priests, supplicants and a volunteer choir” to “exorcise the malevolent energy and information coursing through the AT&T monolith.”