You can now custom tailor your bike much like you would a suit


Are uber expensive, pimped-out bikes the new trend in customized rides? If the sheer number of stories recently about luxury two-wheelers is any indication, we’d say a resounding, “Yes!”

It would appear that Tesla and Bugatti aren’t the only names in the fancy bike biz. A Parisian company, the Maison Tamboite, is offering something many other bike designers don’t: custom tailoring.

Firm owner, Frédéric Jastrzebski, a former stockbroker turned designer, explains the approach. Clients commission bicycles based on 15 individual body measurements. Hugo Carnvenc, a master frame maker and designer, takes them with careful attention to detail much as a tailor would.

“Nobody has arms exactly the same length. It’s not just the handlebars that are affected, the whole ensemble is changed,” explains Jastrzebski, a man whose family has been in the bike biz for years, to the New York Times.

There are three basic types of made-to-measure models to choose from in a variety of 17 colors. The Marcel is a men’s racing bike, whole the Henri is also for men, but has a more urban design with beechwood mudguards and a basket, which has a compartment for a leather-decorated lock. Finally, the Dalou is the unisex version of Henri, using a women’s frame and optional leather purse attached to the seat back.

It then takes three months for the finished product to be wheeled out with all its bells and whistles, like artistic lugs, “just like jewelry;” a lightweight flexible steel structure, leather prepared by an atelier; and specialized chrome work.

Each numbered vehicle is priced at 11,000 euros ($11,700) and  €15,000 ($15,996) for the electrical version. Certainly money well spent for those who want to pedal away in style. [NYT]