Central Park’s Belvedere Castle is getting a makeover

Next time you’re jogging through Central Park, you’ll have to take a breather somewhere that isn’t Belvedere Castle.

The 146-year-old structure on the park’s westside is closing this Fall for upgrades and restoration, following last July’s $300 million fundraiser to make refurbish parts of the park (the Bernard Family Playground and the Billy Johnson Playground are also getting makeovers).

Belvedere Castle’s last renovation took place in the 1980s, but has apparently been deteriorating from issues that weren’t addressed during that restoration, according to DNAinfo. Those issues include poor drainage, thus standing water, iron-oxide staining, and worn out wood pavilions, terraces and stairs.

The restoration will also make the castle accessible to people with disabilities. But in all the castle should end up looking more like it did back in the 19th century. [DNAinfo]