Tom Brady’s vegan meal service leaves a bad taste in reviewers’ mouths

It’s been a week of bad food reviews, friends (not to mention some icky health reports).

The latest comes from Deadspin and the object of scorn is none other than Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s vegan meal delivery service from Purple Carrot.

The celeb couple — who look like they live on a diet of sunshine and air — reportedly employs a personal chef who prepares all sorts of gluten-free, plant-based (read: un-fun) foodstuff for them. But when Deadspin put the mailed packaged meal prep kits to the test, they fell short of anything edible.

Two writers taste-tested two of three meals offered and the results, well, left a bad taste in their mouths.

“…boy were they awful. That probably should have been expected, but we weren’t prepared for lentil risotto that tasted like protein powder and crispy turnip cakes that tasted like fried mush,” explained reporters Lindsey Adler and Hannah Keyser. The story is headlined: “Tom Brady’s Expensive Vegan Kibble Is Bland And Revolting.”

For those masochists wanting to try the meals out for themselves, each week customers will receive three TB Performance meals for two people from Purple Carrot for $78, or about $13 a meal.