Rich drug dealers of Instagram are landing themselves in jail

The rich kids of Instagram aren’t the only ones getting in trouble for their splashy posts.

Drug dealers are also not the wisest when it comes to their social media presence; according to the New York Post, the DEA has used Instagram to bust nearly 350 drug dealers, who couldn’t resist showing off their ill-gotten riches for all their followers to see.

There’s the dealer with the Instagram handle @NarcoOfficial, who posted pictures of himself with golden guns, bags of cash and tigers. Or the convicted British drug dealer who told police he had no steady income — and then posted photos of his extensive watch collection and helicopter rides. He may actually have a bit of a social media addiction; he was later busted for sneaking a mobile phone into prison when he posted an Instagram update — from jail.

Perhaps all these guys should use their money for a more useful cause — like a social media manager. [NYP]