Even millionaires love buying secondhand clothing

Rich people also like to pop tags (credit: Alternative Distribution Alliance)

Poor people aren’t the only ones prowling thrift shops looking for bargains. Clothing resale site ThredUp just released a report that says its largest active shopper base (36 percent) makes a whopping $250,000 to $1 million a year. Another 21 percent earns $100,000- $250,000.

So what gives? Why the interest in used apparel by big earners?

Well, the rich, it seems, are just like us. Aside from wanting a bargain, they are busy professionals and city dwellers with little time to troll actual shops for deals on pricey duds. They prefer to scroll online, checking out the site’s latest wares. Another interesting thing to note about well-off, online bargain shoppers is that most are either very young or very old. Millennials or those born before 1946 get in on the fun most often. In fact, these two groups shop at secondhand stores nearly seven percent more than Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers.

All in all, we guess this (like most things) is very good news for the Kardashians. [Racked]

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