Turns out cigars don’t pair so well with Scotch after all

At Bourbon Steak, the high end restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C., a new cigar pairing program has just debuted.

The program is, of course, not to be enjoyed at the table, but is instead offered in designated smoking areas of the hotel. And Mason Foster, the restaurant’s first-ever certified tobacconist, is on hand to guide the way, reports NPR.

One of Mason’s recommendations? Ditch the dark liquors, and go for a tipple more nuanced, “The flavor profile should change as you smoke it. Bourbon and whiskey can overwhelm the palate, rather than provide contrast,” Foster said to NPR.

For example, according to Foster, a crisp sparkling rosé would pair well with a milder Dominican tobacco known for its nutty flavor, “When a cigar has those rich pistachio notes, I want something with a little bit of sweetness and effervescence to bring out the creaminess of the tobacco.”

And to neutralize your palate after an alkaline heavy cigar? Try some Skittles or Starburst. 25-year-old Manson — who smokes a few cigars each day — gets through around two pounds of the tart candies each week.