Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Chelsea Clinton put on their dancing shoes for the YAGP Gala: PHOTOS

Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)

Dancers and the society people who love them gathered at Lincoln Center on Thursday night for the Youth American Grand Prix’s annual gala.

Guests were treated to performances from current YAGP dancers, as well as professional dancers at the David Koch theater, followed by dinner and dancing on the promenade.  YAGP is a network that offers scholarships and classes to young dancers.

Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)

Among the guests in attendance were Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn, Keltie Knight, Karen and Richard LeFrak, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Fernando Garcia, Tony and October Gonzalez, Donny Deutsch, Cece Cord, Julio Bocca, Irene Shen, Bruce Marks, Deeda Blair, Olivier Sarkozy, Marcelo Gomes, Margot London, Harrison LeFrak, Paloma Herrera, Judith M. Hoffman, Maria-Cristina Anzola and John Heimann, Tico Mugrabi, Rachel Feinstein, Linda K. Morse (YAGP chairman).

Keltie Knight, Marcella Guarino Hymowitz, Colby Mugrabi, Candice Miller, Lesley Thompson Vecsler, Amy Astley, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
(credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
(credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
(credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
(credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
Christina Lyon, Karen LeFrak, Larissa Saveliev (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
Joyce Paley, Howard Paley (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
Linda Morse, Margot London (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
(credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
Caroline Hyman, Shannon Caspersen (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)
Carla Johnson, Irene Minkoff (credit: Annie Watt)
Danielle Hirsch, Jeffrey Hisch, Elizabeth Papadopoulos, John Sills (credit: Annie Watt)
Jon Elmi, Caroline Elmi (credit: Annie Watt)
Charles Barker, Bruce Marks, Julio Bocca (credit: Annie Watt)
Linda Morse, Rosey Limmer, Abdul Latif (credit: Annie Watt)
Cece Cord, Jonathan Marder, Judith M. Hoffman, Deena Blair (credit: Annie Watt)
Maria Cristina Anzola Heimann, John Heimann (credit: Annie Watt)
Tony Gonzalez, Keltie Knight (credit: Annie Watt)
Deena Blair, Calvin Royal III (credit: Annie Watt)
Larissa Saveliev, Amy Astley, James Whiteside, Isabella Bolyston (credit: Annie Watt)
(credit: Annie Watt)
Alexandra Persu, Hee Seo, Christina Lyon, Boyko Ivanov (credit: Annie Watt)
Boyko Ivanov, Christina Lyon, Alexandra Pachu (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)

Barbara Brandt, Gary Brandt, Kunal Sagger, Taylor Brandt (credit: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan)